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About HealthyPro

HealthyPro was established in January 2017. HealthyPro has always adhered to the tenet of organic, natural, healthy and harmless, maintaining the best balance between healthy and stylish. As the health of our customers’ scalp and hair is our top priority, we provide healthy, natural and professional scalp and hair care services. Odorless coloring service is also loved by all to minimize hair damage. 

Our professional team can accurately analyze your scalp and hair problems, hence providing you with tailor-made hair care treatments. Our services have been highly recognized by our customers over the years. HealthyPro currently has 10 stores in Hong Kong and we continue to introduce new equipment and products, together with regular training to ensure our customers enjoy the best and most comprehensive care and services.

Our Philosophy

Organic & Natural, Healthy & Harmless

We say NO to harmful chemical treatment. In order to provide peace of mind to our customers, we are committed to search for natural and harmless hair and scalp products from around the world, at the same time maintaining an odorless environment in all of our shops.

Result & Performance

We strongly believe that the performance of products is equally as important as health. Therefore, we insist on using high-quality products that are composed of natural ingredients and ensure the hair and scalp conditions of our customers can be improved during the treatment process.

Professional Services

Natural products and other non-natural products on the market have different ways of use. The only way to maximize the effect of those products is to use the correct method. Our hair stylists and hair consultants receive regular training from Italian instructors and may have the opportunity to travel to Italy and participate in training face-to face. HealthyPro ensures that each of our employees has the knowledge and skills of hair care, coloring and scalp care in order to meet the requirements.

Why HealthyPro?

We are hair-care pioneers in using organic, natural and healthy products. 

Most people take good care of their facial skin however ignoring the scalp actually connects to the facial skin. In fact, your scalp is the extension of your facial skin, which requires intensive care. Otherwise, problems such as scalp acne, itchy scalp, and dandruff will occur.If you do not take care of your scalp in an appropriate way for a long period, the health of your hair follicles will be affected and problems such as hair loss may occur. HealthyPro chooses natural hair care products that best suit you, along with providing professional care solutions to solve your scalp or hair problems.

There are loads of hair care products in the market that contain a lot of chemical ingredients, which create an illusion of clean and smooth hair. It is important to pay attention to the ingredients upon purchase. In order to allow our customers to find healthy hair care products without worrying about the ingredients, we have strictly screened a series of products that advocate natural and healthy. The products mentioned above do not bring burdens or damage to your scalp and hair even after long-term use, and can even improve the health condition of your scalp and hair.

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