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Our hair is prone to different damages in daily life. Bleaching, perming, and coloring bring great harm to hair. In order to achieve the desired hair color or form, the above chemical processes destroy the protein structure in your hair core. If your hair is not properly handled with care after bleaching and coloring, the hair core will lose its support and elasticity and will no longer be strong and bouncy. At the same time, the scaly surface of your hair will be uneven and your hair will have knots and be difficult to comb. 

HealthyPro provides various kinds of hair care services like organic hair restructuring to take care of all hair types, which helps you maintain a balance between stylish and healthy.

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Styling, bleaching and coloring can damage the health of your and cause split ends and dryness. If your hair is severely damaged, you should stop bleaching and do regular treatments to restore the keratin structure and moisture in order to restore the strength of the hair and repair the scaly surface before bleaching again. It is also recommended to use hair care products such as OPC's Blow Dry Kit, and switch to conditioners with higher moisturizing levels to maintain the health of the hair daily.
Hair porosity is divided into three categories: high, medium and low. Different levels of porosity distinguish the hair quality as well as the ability of hair to absorb moisture. Hair tends to become highly porous and easy to break after bleaching. High porosity hair is easy to absorb moisture but also easy to lose it, so deep moisturizing and treatments that repair and rebuild protein structure of hair care are much needed. Low porosity hair looks healthy, but it is comparatively harder to absorb moisture and lacks volume. People with low porosity should focus on deep cleaning to wash away residue that wraps around the surface of hair.
"Vegan OK" products do not extract any ingredients from animals, including honey, dairy products etc. They are also not tested on animals and the production process does not harm the ecological environment. However, it should be noted that not all "Vegan OK" products are healthy. If the products include natural ingredients, "Vegan OK" is a factor that makes the product better, but if the product is 100% chemically developed and claims itself as "Vegan OK", customers should think twice before purchase.
A lot of people experience this problem after bleaching their hair. As the hair cuticles are damaged and hair becomes highly porous after bleaching, it tends to absorb a lot of moisture and takes more time to dry out. It is recommended to use Protective Spray and Silk Potion Cream before blowing your hair to avoid damage by hot wind and keep your hair soft and shiny.
This is a misunderstanding of using conditioners. The mentioned case happens as when you wash your hair with shampoo, the hair falls out due to pulling, but it does not wash away the shed hair. When you use conditioner, the lubricating effect washes away the shed hair, giving you the illusion that hair conditioners are causing you to lose hair.
Hair Loss可能有多種原因,包括遺傳、壓力、營養不良、荷爾蒙變化、染髮或燙髮過程中的損傷等。按此了解我們的Anti Hair Loss
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