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There are a lot of reasons for hair loss, including hereditary hair loss, seborrheic alopecia, infectious alopecia, nutritional alopecia, neurological alopecia etc. There are also possibilities caused by stress, living and eating habits or hair care procedures. If you find out you have hair loss problems, reasons should be figured out and suitable treatments should be done as soon as possible before the hair loss problem has not worsened.

Men's hair loss is divided into seven stages.
Stage 1, Lost more than 120 hairs/day.
Stage 2, Hair follicles are affected by male hormone DHT, hence the hair growth cycle is shortened, causing the forehead hairline begins to move back and hair volume to decrease.
Stage 3, Hairline is obviously moved back and left behind only a pinch in the front center, which is commonly called the "M-shaped forehead".
Stage 4, The hair loss problem spreads to the top of the head and the hair on the top starts to become thin.
Stage 5, The area of hair loss on the top of the head expanded and the hair amount on the forehead continued to decrease.
Stage 6, Only short and weak hair is left on the top of the head and forehead.
Stage 7, The scalp on the top of the head and forehead becomes smooth, representing hair follicles are dead and the chance of hair regrowing is minimal.

When the situation develops to the 6th and 7th stage, it will be difficult to resume to earlier stages. If you deal with it in time, it is possible to revert from the 5th stage to the 3rd stage. When you find yourself with hair loss problems, you should book a scalp test immediately and do appropriate hair care treatments.

Women's hair loss is divided into four stages.
Stage 1, Hair loss starts from the forehead.
Stage 2, The dividing line of hair becomes more and more obvious and sparse.
Stage 3, Hair follicles begin to shrink and hair becomes thinner.
Stage 4, Scalp is easily seen from the top of the head
An average person loses 50-100 hairs in a day. If you find that the number of hair fall after blowing hair is more than normal for a period of time, you should pay more attention to the health conditionals of your hair follicles. The features of men's hair loss is that the forehead hairline begins to move back and the hair on the top of the head becomes thinner and thinner. The features of women's hair loss is that the dividing line begins to become thinner and wider. However, the situation is different for each individual and with the increase of age, It is normal to have slight hair loss. If you are worried that you have a hair loss problem, it is recommended that you should ask for an opinion from hair consultants first and decide how to deal with it.
Styling, bleaching and coloring can damage the health of your and cause split ends and dryness. If your hair is severely damaged, you should stop bleaching and do regular treatments to restore the keratin structure and moisture in order to restore the strength of the hair and repair the scaly surface before bleaching again. It is also recommended to use hair care products such as OPC’s Blow Dry Kit, and switch to conditioners with higher moisturizing levels to maintain the health of the hair daily.

The Henna we use is 100% natural and organic herbal powder. It does not contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.The preparation of organic Henna only requires Henna powder and hot water, without the addition of any developer or peroxide, so Henna coloring does not cause any damage to the scaly surface of the hair. However, with the above reason, the pigment will only stay on the outer surface of the hair, Henna can only perform a darkening but not lightening effect.

There are many different brands of Henna on the market and not all of them are natural products. It is recommended to choose carefully when purchasing.

You may find some of our products at our online store. However, HealthyPro believes only after professional consultation and analysis can help customers choose the most suitable products. Stores of HealthyPro are located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. We welcome you to visit our stores to choose hair care products and know more about your scalp and hair condition.

Choose the shampoo and conditioner that are suitable for your scalp, and do not use overhit or strong water to wash your hair. Choose coloring and perming services with lower chemical ingredients to minimize the impact on hair and scalp. In addition, maintaining a healthy diet, staying in a good mood and living with healthy lifestyle habits are also important as prolonged stress is one of the common causes of hair loss.
You should not bleach your hair more than three times in the same day in general, depending on the thickness of your hair and the health condition. The process of bleaching will erode the protein structure in the hair core. The core loses its support and elasticity, which can lead to hair breakage in severe cases. Therefore, it is not recommended to do the coloring at home because if the time and amount are not properly controlled, the damage brought to hair is irreversible.
Hair porosity is divided into three categories: high, medium and low. Different levels of porosity distinguish the hair quality as well as the ability of hair to absorb moisture. Hair tends to become highly porous and easy to break after bleaching. High porosity hair is easy to absorb moisture but also easy to lose it, so deep moisturizing and treatments that repair and rebuild protein structure of hair care are much needed. Low porosity hair looks healthy, but it is comparatively harder to absorb moisture and lacks volume. People with low porosity should focus on deep cleaning to wash away residue that wraps around the surface of hair.
"Vegan OK" products do not extract any ingredients from animals, including honey, dairy products etc. They are also not tested on animals and the production process does not harm the ecological environment. However, it should be noted that not all "Vegan OK" products are healthy. If the products include natural ingredients, "Vegan OK" is a factor that makes the product better, but if the product is 100% chemically developed and claims itself as "Vegan OK", customers should think twice before purchase.
First, you should wet your hair and rub the shampoo on your palm. Gently run your fingers through your hair and massage your scalp with fingers. Do not scrape the scalp with your nails. It is not necessary to rub your hair intentionally unless you have used a styling product. After washing your hair, apply a towel to dry your hair without rubbing it. Use a scalp toner afterwards, then use a heat-insulating and moisturizing product (OPC Protective Spray and Silk Potion Cream) on your hair, and then blow dry.
Use OPC Protective Spray and Silk Potion Cream before blow drying your hair to avoid damage by hot air. Blow your hair from top to bottom, and most importantly dry your scalp. For the hair part, it can be rolled by hand to ensure that your hair is not tangled and straight down after drying.
There are different stages of hair loss in men and women. If the hair loss problem is still in early stages, the hair density is possible to be recovered after continuous and appropriate treatments and care, depending on age and health condition. If the hair loss problem becomes serious and lasts for a period of time, it is difficult for the hair follicles to resume to their normal state. In some severe cases, it is even irreversible.
We have an online scalp test, which can help you get a preliminary understanding of your scalp type. Since many factors have to be considered to accurately identify the scalp type such as living habits, genetics, clinical observations etc.,it is recommended that you come to one of our stores for a comprehensive scalp analysis when choosing scalp products.
We recommend you to do a scalp analysis first, which can help you get a preliminary understanding of your scalp type. Do not choose a shampoo based on the nature of your hair. Instead, you should choose a suitable shampoo according to the nature of your scalp.
The straightness of the hair is determined by the shape of the hair follicle, while the shape of the hair follicle is determined by the gene. Until now, there is no treatment that can make the hair straight for a lifetime, only the treatment of straightening the hair can change the shape of the existing hair.
Hong Kong is humid and heavily polluted. We recommend washing your hair every one to two days, depending on your scalp type and working environment. If you use hair styling products every day, washing your hair daily is a better practice.
Small amount of dandruff is a normal phenomenon, but excessive dandruff reflects an abnormal keratin metabolism. In addition to dry scalp, skin inflammation can also cause dandruff problems. If you find your dandruff problem has become serious, you should seek professional advice for appropriate treatments.
Seborrheic dermatitis is an incurable skin problem. Patients are affected by weather, health conditions and mood. If the situation does not bring a serious impact to your daily life, we do not recommend steroid products for a long period of time. It is suggested to use mild and organic hair products to reduce irritation to the scalp, and do scalp care regularly to relieve discomfort and prevent dermatitis from getting worse.
Pregnant women should avoid using chemical hair color and perms. Chemical drugs may cause allergic reactions to pregnant women and affect the fetus. OPC’s organic, natural and unscented hair color is suitable for pregnant women. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before coloring your hair.
A lot of people experience this problem after bleaching their hair. As the hair cuticles are damaged and hair becomes highly porous after bleaching, it tends to absorb a lot of moisture and takes more time to dry out. It is recommended to use Protective Spray and Silk Potion Cream before blowing your hair to avoid damage by hot wind and keep your hair soft and shiny.
Thinning hair is a sign of hair loss. Losing hair while it is still in its growth path causes your hair to become thinner and thinner. If you notice that your hair is thinning, it is recommended to seek professional help as soon as possible, otherwise there is a chance that the problem will worsen or even be irreversible.
Hair mask replenishes hair with nutrients and moisture, making it stronger and smoother. The period of time the effect of the hair mask can last depends on the degree of damage to the hair. It can last about a week in general. Factors such as seasonal change and air pollution will make your hair dry and have split ends. Regular hair mask treatments can make your hair healthier and replenish hair nutrition.
You should take good care of your hair after bleaching. Dry your hair completely after washing your hair, as well as use a Protective Spray and Silk Potion Cream before blowing your hair to prevent damage by hot wind and losing moisture. You should also do regular hair care treatments such as hair restructuring to add nutrients and moisture so that your hair regains strength and smoothness.
According to the weather and humidity in Hong Kong, we recommend you to do a deep scalp cleanse once or twice a week. There are many types of deep scalp cleansing treatments, some are milder and some are more powerful. You should choose carefully according to your scalp condition, otherwise the situation can be worsened.
Itchy scalp can be caused by many reasons such as weather changes, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis etc. If you have an itchy scalp, it is possible that you are using an inappropriate shampoo. The most direct way is to make an appointment for a scalp analysis. Our hair consultants will recommend you the shampoo and conditioner that are suitable for you.
We strongly recommend you to use a conditioner. The pH value of the shampoo is alkaline and the function of the conditioner is to balance the pH value of the shampoo and smoothen the scaly surface, which can avoid frizz , split ends, and smoothen hair to prevent hair from falling out due to pulling. You should keep in mind that most conditioners in the market are not suitable to apply on the scalp.

This is a misunderstanding of using conditioners. The mentioned case happens as when you wash your hair with shampoo, the hair falls out due to pulling, but it does not wash away the shed hair. When you use conditioner, the lubricating effect washes away the shed hair, giving you the illusion that hair conditioners are causing you to lose hair.

Henna is a 100% organic natural hair color and free of chemicals and pesticides. Pregnant women, cancer survivors and people with hair loss problems are suitable. However, as the pigment stays only on the surface of hair and will not enter the scaly surface of the hair, it can only perform darkening but not lightening effect. The number of times that needs to be colored depends on the original hair color, thickness and transparency.
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